Carriers are as important to us as our shipping clients.

They're also our partners.

We see our carriers as an extension of our company. Our Carrier Relation Specialists treat our carriers with courtesy and respect. Dynamic Logistix has an extensive network of preferred carriers.  Our carrier network knows our shippers want quality service.  Our carriers also know that consistent ‘on-time, reliable service’ equates to continued repeat assignments with our shippers.  Our extensive team of sales professionals are in constant contact with shippers across North America, finding new business and creating increased business with current shippers.   

We offer to carriers.

  • Dedicated freight lanes and volume approach
  • We offer carriers competitive rates, fair terms, and accelerated payment options. We pay our carriers quickly, and faster than industry averages.
  • A dedicated Dynamic Logistix representative providing excellent communication with drivers
  • State-of-the-art technology for rigorous tracking and accurate settlements 
  • Online ability to find a load, arrange back hauls and post capacity, as well the opportunity for spot freight and dedicated loads 
  • Rapid, hassle-free matching of shipments to your profile, locations and destinations
  • We have loads available for flatbeds, dry vans, refrigerated trucks, straight trucks, oversized cargo, and hotshots/expedited loads.


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